Poiema Spring Intensive 2023


Walk Worthy Of The Calling  (March 7th-10th)


Poiema Spring Intensive 2023

Walk Worthy of the Calling

March 7th-10th, 2023

Registration Fee: $250 per person

*Registration closes February 14th!

Prepare yourself as we will be will be eating, talking, dancing, hiking, singing, biking, cooking, drinking lots of coffee, and sitting by the fire.

Pray that our Lord will give us open hearts, good weather, and memories of His grace.

Where are we staying? 

We will be staying in Hungry Mother State Park, located at:

2854 Park Blvd, Marion, VA 24354


We will be occupying the north end of the park; the Hemlock Haven area.

What should I pack?

The basics: Clothing (remember you will be spending lots of time outdoors – it never hurts to bring extras!), toiletries, sheets, pillow, towels & washcloths, hiking shoes, rain gear, jacket/coat, clothing/shoes that you are comfortable dancing in, a nicer set of clothes for the final dance on Thursday night, flashlight, snacks, water bottles, sunglasses, Bible, notebook, wallet/cash, etc.

What meals are provided? 

All meals will be provided.  Be sure to let us know if you have any dietary restrictions when you register.

Is dancing mandatory?

Our wonderful dance caller, Autumn, will be teaching & calling several contra dances each night, with a more “formal” dance the last night  (a good opportunity to dress up!).  We’re not saying she’ll drag you out on the dance floor and make you at least try, but we’re not promising she won’t, either.

Is this a matchmaking camp?

Nope!  Our goal is to challenge you in your faith and connect you with like-minded young adults. If the friendships formed here turn into something more, that is fantastic!  But that is not our focus.

What is the schedule?

Our days will consist of lectures, meals together, dancing, singing, and other activities.  More information coming soon!

Who is this year’s speaker? 

Our speaker is Nathaniel Talbot.

Nathaniel is a second generation Christian whose life is full of evidence that faithful Christian living and parenting bestows massive privileges on future generations. Hed actually call those privilegeswhat the Bible calls them – blessings – but then he wouldnt get to trigger as many people. Homeschooled all the way through high school, he had an early fascination with computers, technology, and entrepreneurship. Skipping college, he jumped straight into an apprenticeship with a software consultancy run by a Christian man, and spent four years earning money instead of handing it over to people who hated everything he was taught as a child.

After a lot of consulting gigs and one stint working in a cube, Nathaniel co-founded a company called Spreedly in 2007, then built it over the next 11 years into a 50+ person company before exiting via a buy-out of his share in 2019. Now he does a mix of real estate (several types), working on Loor.tv, shepherding as an elder at Christ Church in Cary, NC, and raising 8 kids, ages 6 to 19, with his wife Katie (who was also raised in a Christian home and homeschooled all the way through). He has no greater joy than to hear that his children are even more privileged than he has been.