Poiema Iceland 2023


Beauty ~ Glory ~ Transcendence  (August 1st—5th)


Poiema Iceland 2023

September 13th-21st, 2023

Total Cost: $1700 per person ($400 deposit required upon registration).

Be sure to read the entire Iceland handbook before registering: Iceland Trip Information for Sept 13-21 2023

Poiema Retreats is going international!  From the very start of this ministry there was a desire to expose young adults to what the Christians in other parts of the world are doing, the particular challenges that they face in sharing the Gospel, and just how they live their lives before our Lord. Our first trip will be to the Land of Fire and Ice (Iceland) where we will immerse ourselves in the beauty of God’s creation while continuing our covenant conversations.

Registration (including the waitlist) will close December 31, 2022.