Poiema Iceland 2023 Registration


*Please note that to address the flight costs and rental home down payments, a trip deposit of $400/person is required. This trip deposit, which is considered nonrefundable, needs to be paid within two business days of registration

Step #1: Make sure you have read the Iceland trip handbook IN FULL. It contains important information regarding the trip, cost, and logistics. You can view the handbook HERE: Iceland Trip Information for Sept 13-21 2023

Step #2: Fill out the registration form HERE

Step #3: Navigate to St Peter Presbyterian Church’s website HERE

Step #4: Select “Poiema” as the fund and type $400 in the amount box. Please note who this registration is for in the “Note” box. 

Step #5: Follow the website’s instructions to complete your payment. 

Step #6: Repeat steps 1-5 for any additional registrations. 

Contact Us if you have any questions!