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We appreciate your financial help. 


Here’s what we do with your donations:

-We keep the cost of our retreats affordable. The registration fees do not cover all of our costs. We don’t want expense to be the reason that someone doesn’t attend.

-We basically pay the travel and retreat expenses of all of our speakers and helpers and, when we can, we give our guest speakers a little extra.

-We use donations to build and maintain our website.

Here is what we would do with more money:

Ministry Internships

Summer Study Program

Purchase of selected books for our attendees

Start Poiema International — take young adults on retreats to other countries to be immersed in the work of Christ in other parts of the world)

Compensate writers, composers, lecturers, artists, organizers, and techies to help us in this ministry.

If you’d like, we have a monthly donor program that if you sign up (for whatever amount) we will send you one of our coffee mugs as a token of our thanks and as a reminder to pray for the ministry as partners with us.

You should know that Poiema Retreats is a ministry of Saint Peter Presbyterian Church in Bristol, Virginia. All registrations and donations are received by our church treasurer and overseen by our diaconate.