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What are we about?

Poiema was launched out of a passion to see young adults encouraged in their walk with Christ and to see them operating as vital members of their local congregations.

Often overlooked, too often not considered as important (until they are married) and sometimes limited in fellowshipping with peers due to the size of their church; Poiema was started to help yours and ours. And it seems to be working.

What is our Purpose?

The purpose of our retreats is to inform, encourage, and inspire Christian young adults regarding who they are in Christ. We see this as a life-awareness that is essential for everyone’s spiritual walk as well as the wellspring of joy and confidence.

After all, we are God’s workmanship (poiema) and we want that to set in, be real to us, and when it does: worldview, apologetics, theology, vocation, and, well…all of life is set and in perspective.

Who are our Team leaders?

Laurence Windham

Pastor of Saint Peter Presbyterian Church

Laurence has worked with teenagers, collegians, and single adults ever since he began training and working in the ministry which included serving as campus minister for Reformed University Fellowship at the University of Central Florida before he moved to Virginia.

David Cooper

David serves as an elder at Providence Church in Lynchburg Virginia.

He is a graduate of Liberty University and has worked with young adults for years. He has been a welcome addition to teaching and leading devotions as well as busting dance moves at our retreats.