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“For you are His workmanship (poiēma) created in Christ Jesus.” – Ephesians 2:10


The purpose of our retreats is to inform, encourage, and inspire Christian young adults regarding who they are in Christ. We see this as a life-awareness that is essential for everyone’s spiritual walk as well as the wellspring of joy and confidence.     

After all, we are God’s workmanship (poiema) and we want that to set in, be real to us, and when it does: worldview, apologetics, theology, vocation, and, well…all of life is set and in perspective. 


“It was so nice to hang out with other Christians my age and hear lectures aimed towards us.” 

“The lectures were thought provoking, at times convicting…” 

“It was a huge blessing to be with the body of Christ and see that we are larger than just our small church.” 

“It was an incredible experience!” 

“I was so encouraged and refreshed” 

Poiema OBX 2024

August 5th-9th, 2024 | Kill Devil Hills, NC

compilation of our SERMONS, PODCASTS AND LECTURES and articles


We appreciate your financial help. Here’s what we do with your donations:

We keep the cost of our retreats affordable. The registration fees do not cover all of our costs. We don’t want expense to be the reason that someone doesn’t attend.


“…that is, that I may be encouraged together with you by the mutual faith both of you and me.”  Romans 1:12

Encouraging each other is woven into every activity at Poiema.  


Sure there are lectures at Poiema but they are interactive on purpose. Communication involves both speaking and listening to ensure that the message is understood and delivered. 


We just really have a good time wherever we are. Laughter, sure, but greater still, the joy of the Lord in every aspect—from dining to dancing to discussion.

Life Together

Transparency, humility, openness, looking on the interests of others, and genuinely caring is what we hope that everyone leaves with. The retreat seems to be over too soon but we pray that all our effort is deeply meaningful and that everyone feels wanting more and never settling for anything less.